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Elizabethan Age

Elizabethan Age & the Elizabethan Timeline

The Elizabethan Age Timeline covers all of the major dates and events which occurred during the Elizabethan Age.The timeline starts at the beginning of the Tudor period with the start of the Tudor dynasty and the grandfather of Queen Elizabeth I - Henry Tudor. Dates of all of the major events and people who were important to Queen Elizabeth I are detailed in the Elizabethan Age timeline.

Picture of Queen Elizabeth I

Elizabethan Age

Her brother and sister, the politicians, suitors, explorers and courtiers and her adversaries are all featured. Facts and information about King Philip II and Mary Queen of Scots, who both played a major part in the life of Queen Elizabeth I, are found in many entries in the timeline. The Elizabethan Age Timeline provides facts, dates and information covering the following sections:

Timeline of Henry Tudor, King Henry VII
Timeline of Prince Arthur & Prince Henry


Timeline of  King Henry VIII and his Six Wives & Princess Elizabeth
Timeline of  King Edward VI & Princess Elizabeth
Timeline of  Lady Jane Grey
Timeline of  Queen Mary I (aka Mary Tudor and Bloody Mary) & Princess Elizabeth
Timeline of  Queen Elizabeth I ( 1558 - 1568 ) & Mary Queen of Scots
Timeline of  Queen Elizabeth I

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Elizabethan Age & Elizabethan Age Weapons
The medieval Feudal system had ended by the Elizabethan era. Nobles were no longer expected to provide trained soldiers to fight for the Queen or to provide clothes and weapons for the soldiers. Weapons had changed with technology and the musket had just been introduced. However the threat of war was constant during the Elizabethan era due to the Catholic Spanish and French. Many weapons from the Medieval period were therefore still of use. Elizabethan weapons provides facts and information on the following subjects:

The Rapier
Elizabethan Age Armor
Elizabethan Age Weapons from the Medieval Period
Elizabethan Weapons - Firearms

Elizabethan Weapons


Elizabethan Age

The section and era covering the Elizabethan Age includes the following main subjects:

Elizabethan Timeline

Elizabethan Age & The Spanish Armada
The attack by the Spanish Armada was one of the most important events in English History. On Sunday 7th August 1588 the fleet of the Spanish Armada lay in the English Channel, close to the cliffs of Calais. The Spanish fleet intended to mount the invasion and conquest of England by the Catholic King Philip II of Spain. The success of the Spanish Armada would mean that Queen Elizabeth, viewed as a Protestant heretic, would be deposed and the English people subjugated to Spanish rule and forcibly converted to Catholicism. The English were fighting for their lives, their freedom and their way of life. The following links cover the full story of the Spanish Armada of 1588. Read about the Spanish / English war, the English navy and men who determined the outcome of the War - the Spanish Duke of Medina Sidonia, King Philip II of Spain, Lord Charles Howard of Effingham, Lord Sheffield, Sir Richard Grenville, John Hawkins, Martin Frobisher and, of course, Francis Drake.

Elizabethan Age & The Spanish Armada
Additional details, facts and information about Elizabethan Age can be accessed via the Elizabethan Era Sitemap.


Elizabethan Age

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Elizabethan Age


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