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Elizabethan Theatre

Elizabethan Theatre

Elizabethan Theatre.
William Shakespeare. The Elizabethan Theatre in London including the Globe Theatre.  The plays, the drama, the people, the actors, the events and the history. The Elizabethan Theatre section covers all aspects of the Elizabethan Theatre.

Picture of the Globe Theatre


Elizabethan Theatre History and Timeline

The history of the theater is fascinating. How plays were first produced in the yards of inns - the Inn-yards. The very first theater and the development of the amphitheatre. The Elizabethan Entrepreneurs ( the men with the ideas and the money.). The building, design and construction of a London Elizabethan Theatre. The plays, the playwrights, the politics and the propaganda all play an important part in the history of the Elizabethan Theatre.


The Elizabethan Theatre was a booming business. People loved the Theatre. The Elizabethan plays and theatres were as popular as the movies and cinemas of the early 20th century. Vast amounts of money could be made. The inn-keepers increased their profits by allowing plays to be shown on temporary stages erected in the yards of their inns (inn-yards). Soon purpose-built playhouses and great open theatres were being constructed. The great success of the theatre and what led to its downfall. The section covering Elizabethan Theatre includes the following subjects:

  • The History of the Elizabethan theatre - the Inn-Yards, the Amphitheatres and the Playhouses
Elizabethan TimesElizabethan ClothingElizabethan SitemapElizabethan IndexElizabethan Life
Elizabethan SportsElizabethan PeriodElizabethan MusicElizabethan FoodElizabethan Recipes
Elizabethan AgeAge of Exploration Elizabethan DictionaryThe Spanish Armada
  • Elizabethan Plays and Propaganda
  • Elizabethan theatre and Plays banned from London City Limits
  • The Puritans and the demise of the Elizabethan Theatre

An Elizabethan Theatre Time presents all of the imported dates and events in the history of the Elizabethan Theatre in a logical order.

Famous London Elizabethan Theatres

The theatre was an expanding industry during the Elizabethan era. Many theatres sprang up in and around the City of London. The excitement, money and fame lured Elizabethan theatre entrepreneurs and actors into working in the famous Elizabethan Theatre.


Information about each of the most famous names and type of theatre in the Elizabethan era have been described in this section including the Globe, the Theatre, Newington Butts, the Curtain Elizabethan Theatre, the Rose Theatre, the Swan Theatre, the Fortune Elizabethan Theatre, the Boars Head , the Bear Garden, the Bull Ring and the Hope Elizabethan Theatre.

Map showing the location of London Elizabethan Theatres - The Inn-yards, Amphitheatres and Playhouses

A useful Elizabethan London Map has been provided in the Elizabethan Theatre section in which all of the famous Elizabethan theatres have been highlighted.

James Burbage - Famous Elizabethan Theatre Entrepreneur

James Burbage was the famous theatrical entrepreneur who was responsible for the introduction of the theatre in London including the Globe Theatre. Learn about this important man in his biography.

Elizabethan Theatre Facts

Looking for fast facts about the theater? Check out the fast, interesting, important and even little known facts about the theater. The section covering Elizabethan Theatre Facts includes a wealth of information about the Elizabethan Theatre.

Elizabethan Theatre Costume

What type of costumes did the Elizabethan actors wear? Women were not allowed on the stage - boy actors played the parts of women and wore some very uncomfortable costumes and life threatening make-up..

Elizabethan Actors and Acting Troupes

Everyone has heard of William Shakespeare but who were the other Elizabethan actors? Why were Acting Troupes formed, how many were there and who were their patrons?

Elizabethan Theatre - the Plays and Playwrights

What plays were written and produced and who were the playwrights?

The Globe Theatre

The history of the Globe Theatre, the construction and design of the theatre. William Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre

Elizabethan Theatre

Comprehensive information about the Elizabethan theatre during the times of William Shakespeare.


Elizabethan Theatre

  • Elizabethan Theatre History
  • Timeline
  • Famous Elizabethan Theatres including the Globe
  • Elizabethan Audiences
  • Plays and Playwrights
  • Actors
  • Theatre Companies and Troupes
  • Theatre - amphitheatres, inn-yards and Playhouses

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Elizabethan Theatre


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