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Elizabethan Life

Daily life
Daily life in Elizabethan England varied according to status and location. It was the time of the Renaissance - new ideas in science and literature and all aspects of Elizabethan Daily life. Information and facts regarding, education, religion, the monarchy, Career Opportunities, Leisure, the Movement from Country life to Town life and the New World all of which effected Elizabethan Daily life.

Picture of Queen Elizabeth I


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Elizabethan Life for Women
Elizabethan Women were subservient to men. They were dependent on their male relatives to support them. Upper Class Elizabethan Women, Royal Elizabethan Women, The Education of Upper Class Elizabethan Women, Lower Class Elizabethan Women, Elizabethan Women and Marriage and Elizabethan Women and their Appearance.


Elizabethan Village Life
Elizabethan Village Life changed with the seasons - the busiest being during harvest and hay making periods. People lived and worked in close family units and trades and specific skills were passed from Father to son. Women in Elizabethan Village Life, Hours of Work, Leisure time and the Decline in Village life

Elizabethan Life Occupations and Jobs
An A -Z of Elizabethan Life Occupations and Jobs. Descriptions of different Elizabethan Occupations. Elizabethan occupations and Jobs including a bottler, a chaplain, an apothecary, a cordwainer and a Spinster.

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Elizabethan AgeAge of Exploration The Spanish ArmadaElizabethan Dictionary

Elizabethan Life Medicine and Illnesses
The Elizabethan life medical profession. Elizabethan Illnesses - Bubonic Plague, dysentery and typhoid. Elizabethan Medicine - tobacco, arsenic, lily root and dried toad. Learn about Physicians, Surgeons, barbers and apothecaries.

Elizabethan Life Marriages and Weddings
Weddings in Elizabethan Life. Arranged Weddings and Marriages. The Dowry or Marriage Portion. The Elizabethan legal age to marry and the Age of Consent. The Church Wedding ceremony. The Elizabethan Wedding feast, the Wedding Reception & Food.

Elizabethan Life - Entertainment
Elizabethan Life Entertainment - the types of entertainment and the Elizabethan Entertainers. Different types of Sports and Tournaments. Games, Gaming and Gambling, Bear and Bull Baiting, Hawking and Hunting. The Plays and the Theatres. Fairs, Festivals, Banquets and Feasts all played a part in Elizabethan life


Elizabethan Life

Elizabethan Life
The section and era covering Elizabethan Life includes the following subjects:

Elizabethan Life - Customs & Festivals
Elizabethan Life Customs & Festivals were based on the Church calendar. Feasts, Fairs and Festivals - Elizabethan Customs & Festivals.

Elizabethan Life - Wedding Dress
The bride did not wear a white wedding dress, this was a later tradition. Instead she would wear her best gown and kirtle. Elizabethan Wedding Clothes for men. Elizabethan Wedding Clothes for women. Upper Class and Lower class wedding clothes. Elizabethan Bride Lace.

Elizabethan Life
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Elizabethan Life

  • Daily life and Family Life
  • Village Life
  • Elizabethan Life - Medicine and Illnesses
  • Elizabethan Life - Marriages and Weddings
  • Elizabethan Life - Customs, Festivals, Gaming & Entertainment
  • Elizabethan Life - Occupations and Jobs
  • Elizabethan Life - Customs & Festivals
  • Elizabethan Life in London

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Elizabethan Life


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